Onsite Sewage Systems Drawing Preparation and Reading

This page contains links and information relevant to sewerage system drawing courses, it was originally developed for the old ES943 drawing course written by Ian Ralston and given by Royal Roads University and WOWTC but is generally applicable. For PDF files, right click and choose "save as".


Useful web links


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Useful web links

This page contains links to various websites containing information relevant to the ES943 course, or containing links to such information. Please note that their inclusion here does not suggest that the information has been checked for validity or for relevance to the BC environment, nor does it suggest any endorsement of companies or products mentioned. Most of these links open in a new window.

Some of the documents are as links to PDF files, these I suggest you right click and choose to "save as" somewhere on your computer to keep them for future reference. Other links open in a new window.

If you have a link that you think should be here, please e-mail me at webmaster@traxdev.com


General sites

Design links page, Installation links page (includes surveying information)

Acrobat Reader (for reading and converting PDF files).

2007 Version 2 BC Standard Practice Manual and appendices at Ministry of Health web site, as PDF.


Publications of the Headquarters, United States Army Corps of Engineers -- all sorts of technical manuals...

Sewage Wiki page (and sewage treatment)--add your own information

Open office office suite, works well and serves to mimic and replace MS Office. Free.

Cute FTP serves for creating pdf prints of documents, useful for keeping electronic versions and sharing. Works as a printer service. Free.


Directory of links sites

On-Site Wastewater Information Sources and Links from CWRS


Instructional sites

Introduction to Geographic Data Analysis course with online text book, has field surveying information and a section on scale and area

USGS resources


Base map/plan resources

BC Online source for lot legal plans etc.

Land Data BC, now need separate account to access the air photos, maps etc.

Govt of Canada Center For Topographic Information web portal, maps and air photos


Survey and measurement

See ES940 page


Equipment for Plan Drawing

Dealers (no endorsement intended)

Graph paper, download as PDF and print--be careful your printer is not distorting the graph paper (measure it), useful to make section paper and gridded paper for sketching, plans etc. There are also programs you can use (which is how I made the section paper etc. for the course manual). If you photocopy the paper, again be careful about distortion. For field use with Mylar or waterproof paper use a laser printer.

MapTools site has free downloadable PDF protractors, scales etc. which can be printed on acetate or card and used for plotting or measuring. Again, be careful about printer distortion. Same site has useful UTM and GPS information/tutorials.


Technical Drawing tutorials and software

CAD--Smart Draw

Freeware Intellicad program

Other CAD programs

Technical drawing online information



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